Why He Does it

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Amy RosenthalWritten by: Amy Rosenthal

woman wondering what men secretly wantWhy he does it, or why he behaves the way he does is a question that has been confusing women throughout history. Hopefully this guide will help answer many of the questions you're wondering on why he does it.

Flirt with everyone

This behaviour can happen for a number of reasons. It can be because he’s genuinely trying to find a girlfriend and is just sending out the signals to everyone until someone says yes. It can be because that’s just how he behaves around pretty girls, some guys get like that. They don’t know how to act so in being shy their behaviour comes out as flirty. Maybe he’s trying to make you jealous. He can also act that way because he loves the company of women and making them feel good makes him feel good. Lastly it could be exactly what people think, he's a player, and that's why he does it.


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Play hard to get

He may do this because he feels he needs to, in order to keep your interest. If he comes out and says he likes you, it can send you running in the opposite direction. So what he does is slowly baits a person in little by little. After they’ve spent enough time with him and they’ve gotten to that level, he’ll spring the question. The other reason playing hard to get can happen is that he just loves to flirt. He’s sitting on the fence about whether he wants to date the person and can’t decide. So he sticks his small toe in the pool to test the waters (playing hard to get), this way he can see what kind of chemistry there is. Lastly, why he does it may be that he’s over compensating in not trying to come off as desperate.


Zombie TV mode

After a day of hard work it’s his way of relaxing. He’ll turn on the TV/ computer/ videogames and tunes out the rest of the world. You’ll try to talk to him but get ignored with the robotic “yes dear” tone. You can understand his need to relax, that’s his choice of recreation. You need to understand his thoughts throughout the day.   He was probably planning in the middle of the day about the next level on halo or watching the game with a few beers, so the activity is now solidified in his mind for the rest of the day.    What would help is to plan ahead. Maybe set a date a couple of days in advance and on that day reminds him in the morning. This way he won’t be fantasizing about zoning out later that evening because he’ll know he has plans. No one likes having their plans being sidetracked, as small as they are.


Toilet seat

The age old toilet seat war. What men don’t realize is they have it easy in this area. They stand, pants down, empty, pants up, easy. They like to keep it that way. That extra “lift” action in their bathroom process is double the work to them. His thoughts are that it’s just as easy for you to put the seat down as it is for him to pick it up. It's fair right? This one is either going to be solved by one party submitting to the other in consideration, or an automatic toilet seat.


“Adjusting” / burping farting

Is your man constantly scratching himself? Or has his hand in his pants “adjusting” his parts? Burping and farting like it’s a frat house? What happened to his charm? He’s grown comfortable with you, a little too comfortable. Yes people should be able to act like themselves and be accepted around their loved ones, be he could show a little class. Have you told him how much those little things annoy you? Have a talk with him about how you take the time to look pretty around him, so he should take the time to be more charming around you. 


Not listening/ tuning out

This is his way of relaxing and making space for himself. Do you know what happened to him at work that day? Or other external pressures like how he’s going to pay the bills? In his world he doesn’t need more pressures than the ones he’s facing already, so what he does is subconsciously tune you out. Men handle stress differently than women. Men tend to act internally, think to themselves, become quiet, etc. Women handle it externally, they talk it out with others. He’s not try to hurt your feelings, it’s just that after a certain point his mind will cut off like a mean bouncer at a club and stop excepting other external thoughts. Another reason he’ll do it is because he wants to relax, he can’t deal with more issues, no matter how small they are. So he’ll go to his cave, and tune out the world.


Always in the mood

Why is he like this? This isn’t normal. Actually it is among men. Men are sexually stimulated through touch, and very much so visually. This world is bombarding them with half- naked, seductive women on bill boards and TV commercials. So everywhere they go, there’s sex. This is one of the factors that contribute to his high sex drive. Another reason is that you’re an attractive women. You can look at a man and think to yourself that he’s attractive without being turned on. He however may not be able to do so. Is he frisky in the morning? Blame it on “morning wood”. You know how he has an erection in the morning without reason, that’s called “morning wood (woody)”. With an erection physical contact in that area leads to sex, and when he’s rolling around in the bed awake or still asleep there’s a lot of contact in that area.


woman wondering what men secretly want


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