Why Did He Leave?

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what men secretly want The question, 'why did he leave?' can be a persistent and tormenting one. This is probably why it keeps being asked by yourself, in order to find an answer so that you can move on.


Rather than dealing with imaginary self-accusations, the best course of action is to find out the truth from the source. If you can summon the courage, after giving it a bit of time, ask him why did he leave. Get the closure you need. Texting him can be more casual, giving him the time he needs to form an answer instead of putting him on the spot. The best is if you get the reasons why he left from him. If not him, then maybe your friends or people who spent time with the both of you can help with that.


It’s important to get the truth as to why did he leave. First off, for the sake of your self-esteem. So you’re not beating yourself up over multiple reasons as to why he left when it’s possible that the reason had to do with just him. It's possible he wasn't ready for a commitment, or a developed relationship.


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Second, so you have the closure you need. Without closure, your traumatizing experience can lead to mistrust and abandonment issues down the road. This can form baggage in future relationships. The next person you meet and fall in love with will have your past problems projected onto them even if they are completely innocent of them.


At this point it would be cautioned, not to believe any reason he gives you blindly. Weigh the reasons he gives you objectively. The key word is objectively. Is he making excuses? Was he being unreasonable, or was he fair? As the saying goes, 'It’s not you it’s me'. As cliché as it is, sometimes it’s true. Maybe he wasn’t mature enough to stick it through. Perhaps he lost interest over time then started to pick on reasons just to justify things.


Lastly if his reasons are legitimate, it will give you a chance to change before entering in your next relationship and making the same mistake again.


Sometimes 'why did he leave' is just an issue of compatibility where both of you just don’t understand to opposite sex as well as you should. Men and women think, feel, and respond to situations differently. Things that one person says can be completely received by the other in an opposite manner, without each other knowing it was misconstrued. What one sex or person gives to communicate love isn’t how the opposite received love. The truth is that both parties should be making the effort in getting to know the nature of the opposite sex in order for the relationship to work.


Of the reasons he gives you on why did he leave, it’s helpful to create a list. On this list make a column and call it internal reasons. These reasons include things that you personally did or traits he accused you of. On the other column write down external reasons such as; family didn’t approve, fought over money, pressure from work, etc. Now comes the part which takes discernment. After thoroughly contemplated the internal reasons list, slowly start to cross off reasons that you feel were unfair accusations. On the external column write beside the reasons solutions that can be done to prevent from happening again. Getting clarification and understanding the mental aspect of what happened isn’t going to mend your heart. However it is part of the process needed for your heart to mend. Walking through this process is what’s needed for your heart to be fixed. Talking it over with some supportive friends is also a great healing technique. Great insight can be achieved about yourself and the situation as people talk it through.


Lastly, it is important for a woman to take her time before asking her man to take the relationship to the next level. If the man is not ready for that yet, both emotionally and financially, you could end up scaring him away. It also gets worse when you have changed from the person that he used to know. Either of these could be a possibility to why did he leave.


It's not at all true that when a guy leaves his girl, he has started seeing someone more beautiful. What you need to work on first is yourself. Whether his reasons why he left are justifiable, working on yourself is going to make you more attractive to your next love. Make sure that you check what your excuses were that could have made him leave you, and take the step to improve on your weaker points.


On an ending note avoid getting revenge on him by taking a bat his car. They say the best revenge is to live a good life. Focusing on him and how his life is doing can not only be imaginary, but will just keep you in the same spot emotionally. Take some time out for yourself, love on yourself, and focus on how great you can make your life. The best way to move on is to live a great life.




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