What Men Want

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Emile CurtoWritten by: Emile Curto

woman wondering what men wantWhat do men want? Is it the same as what women are looking for? If you could understand exactly what men want in a relationship wouldn’t that give you an edge in the dating world?  Wouldn't it make you more attractive in their eyes? Well look no further, here are some tips on what men want.


No one wants to die alone or be lonely. At the end of a long hard day of work they just want to come home to someone they love. They are also looking for someone to share life together with. To talk about the odd thing that happened to them that day, and someone who understands them. Obviously there are going to be some men who are after other things, but filtering them out is another subject.


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Someone to love/ to be loved

Internally there is something inside of men that wants to love someone. It gives them purpose in life. Like a Ferrari never taken over 30mph, or a song unsung, is like being given a heart of love with no one to express those feelings to. Every person has been given a purpose to love and a desire to do so. On the opposite end, men also need to be loved. It gives them purpose and validation in life, this is definitely what men want.


Someone who gets him

Being with someone who doesn’t get him is more frustrating and stressful than being without them. It would be better to be alone in that case. In the vast differences between men and women and learning to understand them, he’s looking for someone who gets him. It’s only that connection that’ll make him settle down and empower him to be with her through all the challenges in a relationship.


Someone who enriches their life

Men want someone who makes their life better. It could be her humour, or her understanding, her compassion, or love, or perhaps her beauty, but they are looking for someone who enriches their life. Maybe it’s the memories they’ve shared together. When he looks back and sees how life was without her, he knows his life has been made better because of her.


Time to themselves now and then

Every now and then he’s going to need space to himself, and he’s going to need her to understand that. Women have an ability to love more and be closer in a relationship. Men tend to be more focused and not as good at multitasking. He won’t be able to love 24/7 on her as she can on him. Every now and then he just needs some time to rest, and concentrate on other things or himself.  This one is not so much what men want, but more what they need.



It could be said that both genders need respect, however a lack of respect can be bigger deal-breaker for men. Men also tend to be more status driven and goal orientated so when things don’t go their way they can react more frustrated. Respect is something that they need more than women in order for their end of the relationship to thrive and for them to be driven to love.



Women are natural born multi-taskers. It comes from the instinctive ability to take care of the home front as well as the family. It’s also why so many women are respected secretaries, waitresses, and nurses. Many men would snap under such pressure. Where women can handle the stress of many things going on in their mind, men can’t. It is this reason that men have a greater need for peace in the house and the relationship. What men want is little drama and to keep things simple in the relationship.



Many men want kids, so they’ll be looking for good maternal instincts in their partners. Someone who’s going to make for a loving and caring mother just like the one he was raised under. Fortunately most women are geared for that kind of mentality anyways.


These are just some of the things that men want. They can be more complicated in their desires and can also vary from man to man. 


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