What Men Secretly Want Review

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Amy RosenthalWritten by: Amy Rosenthal


Let’s face it, when it comes to men they can sometimes be too mysterious when it comes to the; tall, dark, and handsome. Men can be very closed off, and horrible at communicating their emotions and expressing what they want from a relationship. Why men split up with the women they’re with, or why they won’t commit may be because they aren’t getting what they want from the relationship. Until they do, men aren’t willing to go further in the relationship.


The problem is knowing what they want, because what men want and what they prioritize in a relationship can be the complete opposite of what we as women want.


What Men Secretly Want is a step-by-step guide written by James Bauer, a relationship consultant with real-life trial and error coaching experience. His book highlights the different stages of a man's dating and relationship life and shows us what to look for in what men secretly desire. In short, it is an access into the secret parts of the male mind

revealing what most men are too embarrassed to talk about.

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He teaches on; how to better relate with the man in your life, how to easily understand what’s going on in his mind and better respond to the loopholes they throw us through, he explains exactly what they want and expect from a girl. James further elaborates on the ‘respect principal’ and how it’s so important to men, that men would rather have respect than being loved, opposite of what you would think right? All of the subjects confused manJames talks about have a goal of helping us related to men better and connect with them easier, even if you’re in the beginning stages of knowing him.




The book goes on explaining; 

·         It talks about insightful things like  the way men experience relationships. 

·        Subtle things said that affect him much more than women know.

·         Subjects like what he wants to communicate but doesn’t know how to say. 

  • You will discover how to become even more attractive to the eyes of men as well as establish a great relationship starting at this very day. 
  • It gives you the secret loophole within the mind of males that will let you to easily connect with all men. 
  • This book will teach you how to make your man get committed to you and say “Yes” right this moment. 
  • It will help you get him committed to you permanently. 
  • You will be able to fully understand men with the help of this product. 


A good relationship geared product to me will not just give you an enjoyable experience in learning, but will be practical in your real-life relationship. What men secretly want highlights the obstacles in the difference between the genders and gives you insight into the male mind. It’s further followed up by explaining the why, and how to overcome the vast differences that we face as couples.

I discovered many new things about men that i didn't realize before, which was an eye opening experience for me. The read was enjoyable, and I would highly recommend this product to anyone having trouble understanding men, or just looking to better their relationship.  


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