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Amy RosenthalWritten by: Amy Rosenthal

text the romance back cd's and booksText the Romance Back is a 124 page eBook written by Michael Fiore, a nationally known relationship expert who has been featured on the Rachael Ray show (video at bottom), radio shows, television shows, and counselled many couples. 

Its purpose is to ignite romance in any relationship and access any person’s hidden romantic side, to get the romance you desire, using text, email, Facebook, instant messenger, or any social media. It is a product geared for both men and women, single or in a relationship, and has every step clearly written out for even the most unromantic person.  

Most women don’t know how to draw romance out of guys, but Michael has written out messages tested on couples with testimonies so sending out the wrong message doesn’t happen. Romance means different things between men and women. In order to draw it out of men, Michael talks about doing 3 things; 1) Teasing him. 2) He needs a

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calling to pursue you. 3) Make him feel like a man. He knows that getting men to be romantic can be kind of like getting a child to clean his room, you have to make him see it as a game.


woman textingWhat I liked about this product; 

· Isn’t about gimmicks or tricks, works with the core of any true romantic relationship, emphasizing communication and effort. 

· It works on guys. Teaches what his buttons are to push, and how to do that. 

· Everyone these days has a cell phone, so it’s very practical. 

· Easy to use, (easy as sending a text). 

· Texting is a great low pressure way of communicating/flirting (opposed to calling). 

· With texting you don’t have to wait around like a missed call to be tortured over if he was ignoring you, when he’ll call you back, etc. 

· Guys tend to be more flirty through text, I guess it’s because it’s less threatening, more ‘anonymous’, they get bolder. 

· Teaches on how to draw romance out of guys, kind of like a ping pong match, you need to make the first move. 

· It’s great for people in a long distance relationship because it makes you feel close, when you’re physically apart.  

· It’s geared for people in a relationship as well as singles. Michael walks you through what to say to someone just a ½ hour from when you’ve met them. 

· Tells you exactly what to say in a relationship without coming off as desperate. Has clearly written lines and messages to send. You can’t really screw it up. 


I didn’t like; 

· My boyfriend and I texted so much, we had to upgrade our phone plans. Warning, it could be costly unless you have the right plan. 


It isn’t simply a book on sending romantic texts, Michael further talks about ways of getting him to fantasize about you throughout the day, counting down the minutes until you meet. He goes on to explain different texts, and their purposes and applications such as; 

man texting

  • -The Curiosity Magnet Text, to get his attention no matter how busy he is at work. 
  • -The power of appreciation text 
  • -The sensual compliment text to re-ignite passion, even in married couple with children. 
  • -Distance Destroyer text if you’re in a long distance relationship 
  • -Bait Question Text to get on his mind and make him think about you 
  • -Romantic Time Machine to bring your partner back to the  best times in your relationship before you lost the spark or had kids. 



Is the product worth it?

Building a relationship takes communication and a bit of work, there is no other way it’s going to happen. People seem to think that by doing one or two big things to spark the romance it will save their relationships, wrong! True romance is about the little things done day to day continuously. This is exactly what I loved about Text the Romance Back. There are no gimmicks, it’s exactly about; 1) communicating with your loved one, 2) a little bit of effort on your part, 3) very practical in its day to day application. Me and my boyfriend text each other during coffee breaks and throughout the day, as it keeps us connected and fired up to see each other at the end of the day. 

Text The Romance Back has had a snowball effect between me and my boyfriend as he's responded to my initiative and started to behave in a more romantic way. My relationship had been taken to another level just as Michael said. I highly recommend this product to anyone who’s looking to put a spark into their relationships, or looking to hook guys they’re fishing for. I can confidently give this product my 5/5 stars. 

Don't wait for him to change, be the one to initiate the romance and get the relationship you've always hoped for.


Text the Romance Back comes with; 

· The 124 page eBook,  

· a free $47 audio training included,  

· the “I like myself game worksheet”, used to build yourself up 

· the Text the Romance Back FAQ sheet, a convenient list that tells you what to do when things go differently or not as planned 

· the Crib sheet, which is a course summary full of text messages and methods 

· Facebook romance secrets, an eBook which teaches how to seduce men through Facebook and social media.  

· Comes with a no risk no worry 60 day guarantee full refund. 

· It is a digital download so you will get it immediately without having to wait for the mail package. 



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 Thank you for reading my review. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and find Text the Romance Back as amazing as I have. 

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