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Secret survey cd's and booksAfter receiving countless emails from his counselling sessions as a relationship expert, Michael Fiore began to notice some relationship patterns that were common that men and women emailed and asked him about. To over 4000 men and women he responded and asked them a question in return. To the women he asked ‘if you had telepathy and could read any man’s mind, what one thing would you want to know?’

Then to the men, he asked ‘What’s the one thing you wish women desperately understood about men, but could never tell her?’ 

The results of his survey were astoundingly and shockingly insightful, but more importantly gave him the deepest access into the minds of men. Which is when he began to publish ‘Secret Survey’? 


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Secret Survey is meant to help women understand what men really think about them, their relationship, and enable them to keep their man happy. Based on huge numbers of surveys conducted by Michael from his vast experience as a nationally known relationship coach, he reveals his findings on; 

·         What men really think about women 

·         What they want from their relationships 

·         What they expect from their partners 

·         Why men that love you lie 

·         What he wants you to know but can never tell  you 

·         What they’re really thinking when they’re silent 

·         What they really think about other women  

·         Why some men cheat on the women they love 

·         And many other interesting secrets kept by men 



Michael believes that the more people truly understand about each other, the greater chance there is to build a strong and lasting relationship between them. And knowing what he’s really thinking will give you a greater advantage in keeping him happy and protecting yourself, without guessing what’s really going on in his mind. He reveals more than just survey results, but elaborates on subjects like;

·         Emotional castration 

·         Why men are like dogs, and  you’re a bad owner 

·         The truth about cheating 

·         Reflected glory, what your appearance really means to him 

·         Sex, and what men really want in bed 

·         How to be the one who gets him, and go places he won’t let his guard down. 

·         How to “cheat proof” your relationship 

·         Feminine vulnerability, and it’s power over men 

·         How to seduce a man in little time 

·         If they think you’re girlfriend material or they just want to sleep with you 

·         How to have a dangerous power over men 


What I liked about the book; 

·         By learning about the way men think, not only will it give you insight into men, but will give you a higher self-confidence when talking with them, it will give you an ‘edge’. 

·         Easy to follow, has audio, video, as well as written. 

·         Because the survey was anonymous and through email, the responses are more believable as opposed to a face to face interview. 

·         Instantly downloadable 

·         Juicy and exciting to read through 

·         60-day full refund guaranteed 


What I didn’t like; 

·         Because of the nature of the questions and the brutally honest responses, some of the results might be shocking or too raw for some people. 


Is Secret Survey worth it? 

It was overall a juicy read to go through with my friends, and had a lot of conversation starters. Furthermore, relationships are something we have to deal with throughout our lives, gaining the insight into men and how they think, feel, and react in any relationship is well worth the investment that Michael has to offer.  

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who; has repeated relationship problems with men, is looking to further understand men, or may just be looking for a good read through with the girlfriends. 


‘The Highest Converting Offer for Women’ comes with 4 products written by different relationship experts; Unstoppable Confidence, The Insecurity Cure, Sex Lies Exposed, and most important The Secret Survey.  Michael is so confident that his product will change your relationships that he even recommends going through the 1st lesson and testing it on guys you know, and then if you’re not satisfied he offers a full refund within 60 days.



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