Is He Cheating?

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the women men adoreMaybe you feel that there’s something not right with the guy you’re with, something a little off. Or maybe you’ve been hearing rumors, or his behavior has been odd lately. So you’ve come to the point where you're wondering is he cheating on you, but you don’t want to bring it up yet because it could be damaging to your relationship. Here are some things to look for if you're thinking is he cheating.


  • So obviously if he has someone else’s perfume on him right.
  • If he acts like he doesn’t want your perfume getting on him (because his mistress may be under the impression he’s single).
  • if he leaves smelling like zest (soap) but comes back smelling like cologne.  

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The car

  • perfume or long hair on the car seat
  • seat adjustment that doesn`t match his story. He said he went out with Mike last night but the seat adjustment was too short for Mike.
  • Radio is on a different station. It’s on a romantic station, but he was out with the guys… right.
  • Mileage tracked by odometer doesn`t match his story. So his mileage shows 10 miles from the last time he drove when he said he went to the gym with the guys.


Credit cards

  • Mysterious charges on his credit card. Look at the restaurants he went to.
  • Different spending habits
  • He saves up a lot more than he used to. This way he can afford the sneaky dates
  • Takes out lumps of cash. So when spending on things like a hotel he won`t have to use his credit card and get caught.
  • Takes up extra hours at work without reason. This way he has an excuse or perhaps to afford a mistress.



  • Has less time for you. If he uses the works busy excuse and if you talk with some of his coworkers or their wives, check to see if they`re busy also. 
  • Gets really defensive when you question him or wonder is he cheating. He may try to shift the subject, or start accusing you of random things.
  • Lack of intimacy. He feels guilty or disconnected from you
  • Seems confused or thinking a lot. He`s plotting/planning excuses, cheating is a lot of work. Or he could be thinking about her.


Sex drive

  • frequency different than normal
  • His erections/Passion is less.
  • Condoms in his pocket/wallet? He usually keeps his condoms in the drawer right? Why does he need them in his wallet, unless he’s going out.


Cell phone

  • The call/messages log is always deleted. This way you can’t see who’s been calling.
  • Very defensive with his phone
  • Spike in cell phone bill. This is due to extra texting or talking. Look at frequent calling numbers and duration of call.
  • Abnormal amount of “work” related calls then he takes the conversation away from you. Watch for a high amount of “work” related calls in the evening, unless it’s normal for his work to be that demanding. He’ll take the conversation away from you so you can’t hear him talk.
  • When you call him he answers the phone professionally, or impersonally. He could be with her or people who are under the impression he’s single and doesn’t want them to find out about you.
  • When you call him does he take the conversation away from the people he’s with? Does he; tell you to hold on, walks out of the room, then talks to you?
  • Email/Google passwords are changed. So you can’t access them.
  • The usual or last login account is missing. He may have multiple email/Google accounts, so the usual “remember this account on this computer” account isn’t there it could be he logged in with a different account.



  • Your friends begin to wonder is he cheating
  • His friends act silent or guilty when you question them.
  • A change for the better in his personal hygiene. Haircuts, manicures, what he wears, things that make him look good.
  • Dodgy excuses that don’t add up. Ask him again in 3 days to see if he gives the same excuse. They usually forget the lie they gave you (cheating is hard to do and maintain).
  • smells like red wine instead of the usual beer when he comes back. Or always has fresh breath from mints.
  • Brushes his teeth or flosses before he goes out. He’ll probably do this one quietly in the bathroom with the door closed before he leaves.
  • Wears clean underwear, when he usually doesn't.


Things to do to catch him

  • Go through this is he cheating quiz to learn more about his behaviour.
  • Facebook. Troll through his friend’s photos to see if he’s in the pictures. Watch of a common girl who’s always near him. Watch for any mismatching alibi in the pictures or posts/messages.
  • Find my iPhone app. It’s sneaky, but if you can download the “find my iPhone app” or similar app on his phone you can track and see exactly where he is. Just remember not to put it on the main screen, but in a folder on the 3rd screen away.
  • Talk with his boyfriends girlfriends and not with them directly unless your good friends. Again to see if their stories match.
  • Leaving something sticky on the passenger car seat to see if he has a passenger. Like transparent tape, a price tag, or ketchup. If it’s missing when he’s back it means he had a passenger. Just remember it could be a friend or he could just be really clean. You may want to do this one a few times to confirm it. What you’re looking for is a mismatching alibi.
  • Leaving the web cam on. If you have a web cam at home and it’s inconspicuous.
  • Mess with his game. Remember that the other person he’s seeing may not know about you and that he’s cheating. Do things to make cheating harder. eg; sneaking a pair of panties in his glove box, getting your perfume on him, posting Facebook photos of the two of you kissing on some friend’s page.
  • “Forget” you iPhone in the car. With certain apps you can remotely turn it on record from a computer.



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