Is He About to Break Up with Me?

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Daniel JohnsonWritten by: Daniel Johnson 

bob grant's, the women men adore and never want to leaveSo you’ve been through some rocky times and you've found yourself wondering, is he about to break up with me? He hasn’t expressed it so much but you’re worried he’s thinking it. Is he really about to break up with you? Or are you just imagining things? Here are some signs he’s about to break up with you.



If you were living together has he started moving things out of the house without good reason? 


He’s preparing for the future when he does break up with you, he doesn’t want you breaking things he cares about. Or he’s claiming them to his own now when moving is less volatile. If you start to notice thing disappearing one by one, or if his buddies keep wanting to “borrow” things, it could be a sign he’s preparing for the future breakup. On 


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that note another subtle sign may be that he starts buying things such as toilet paper, 

groceries, and bill payments in smaller portions. Why pay for what he’s not there to use right? Watch for this as a sign on is he about to break up with me.



Has he been hiding money from you, or working late to make extra money


Similar to the first sign he’s storing away cash or working late because he’s preparing to move out on his own. He knows that it’s going to be himself paying the rent in the future so he needs to store up some extra cash. Did his boss make him work extra hours this week or did he choose to? Watch to see if his co-workers are working late as well as a hint on is he about to break up with me.




Arguments occur that are more heated than usual, or more frequent than usual


The strain of the relationship is getting to him, and he’s lashing out. You thought the issues you argued about were settled, only to your surprise he brings them up again. Perhaps there are underlying issues masking behind the current ones and he doesn’t even know it. Another thing that can happen during an argument is he just says, “I just don’t care anymore”. Once in a while it’s okay, but if that phrase keeps coming up, it could mean he just doesn’t care about the relationship anymore.




Doesn’t call as much or calls becomes less and less frequent


He’s becoming less and less interested in the relationship and part of him wants to let you down easy. So slowly he calls you less and less thinking that the final breakup speech won’t be as hard on you. 




Excuses become more lame/less rational


One way of seeing is he about to break up with me is by looking into his excuses. If he's starting to run out of excesses as to why he doesn’t want to spend time with you, or he’s hiding something from you, it could be a sign. Lying is a hard game to play, so eventually he'll start running out of the good buyable excuses, so they'll make less and less sense and become more far-fetched.




Stops doing the things he once did for you


Where men can typically forget to do the little things for their loved ones and it’s nothing to worry about, it can also be a bad sign. Clearly he doesn’t feel for you the way he once did and stops putting in the effort to build the relationship. Also he’s not as passionate about making you as happy as he once was.




Spending time with other friends without telling you or makes plans without you


Where in the past he knew he’d be in trouble not telling you certain things, he doesn’t care as much now. Or where he wanted to check in on your plans and keep you happy, he’s just concerned about himself now. He doesn’t see the point in investing into the relationship but would rather just invest in things that make him happy from now on. It could be his way of getting distance from you.




Doesn’t care about your day/ what you do


If you head out the door and he no longer asks lovingly where you’re going it can be a sign he doesn’t care as much. If he stops asking how your day was when he used to be interested in your life, it can also be a bad sign. Is he about to break up with me can be tested by bringing home something obvious like a unique plant and set it on the table, see if he asks you about it.




Stops caring about bad habits


You’ve told him several times about the toilet seat and for a time he was getting pretty good at listening, but now he blatantly doesn’t care. In his mind he doesn’t need to anymore because he’s no longer investing in the relationship.




Picking fights


The other thing he may be doing is he’s trying to make you angry so you’ll break up with him, or pick a fight with him, or take the breakup easier because he had issues. He could be trying to pick fights with you to justify the breakup in the eyes of mutual friends or even himself.




He becomes critical, always moody around you, things between you get tense


Little annoyances that bothered him begin to pile up and he can’t take it anymore. So he starts lashing out at you critically commenting on the little things you do. There isn’t a good reason behind it; it’s more of a matter of his attitude. If things are tense around the two of you and you feel he’s not relaxed or you aren’t, it could be something to look for on is he about to break up with me.




Seems distant physically/emotionally


Unless the reason is he needs some time to himself because he’s going through something personal, it’s a pretty obvious sign. What’s not obvious is how guys will mask the sign. He may be working late to stay away from you, or willingly pick up extra activities just to keep away from the house. He’ll suddenly have no time for you because he’s busy. He’ll be evasive or even defensive. Emotionally, men can go through phases of being distant, but if it’s prolonged when before he was warm and intimate this can be a warning sign also. Doe he make eye contact with you, particularly when you bring up the subject? And does he reaffirm you that he isn’t breaking up with you?


Where no one’s perfect and men can have a couple of these signs, keep an eye out for multiple signs that he wants to break up.



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