How to Take it to the Next Level

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Amy RosenthalWritten by: Amy Rosenthal


the book, girl gets ring If you have been going out with someone and you discover that he is compatible with you, you will definitely want to make him commit to you. However, getting a man to commit to you is not really that easy as you might have discovered yourself. Many guys have become quite skilled at sidestepping the question of marriage whenever it is thrown at them by their partners. Or maybe you’re not thinking about marriage, but just wondering how to take it to the next level.  This can mean being patient and waiting for his time to be ready. Be sensitive to his past relationships and fears.  



In the meantime of waiting, stop focusing on how to take it to the next level and focus on more productive aspects of your relationship. The best way of doing this is through lots of communication. Try and gear your time spent together for conversation. This means if you’re going to choose a restaurant, pick on


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that’s quiet and not too crowded. If he’s truly going to express himself he may be a little embarrassed to say what’s on his mind if the table next to you is within hearing range. Getting to know each other forms a great connection which will put you both in a deeper relationship. Try asking him things that you’ve never thought to ask before. One thing to watch out for is demanding too much from him in terms of the amount of talking he can take and give. You don’t want him to dread your conversations.


Another way is through spending time together. Go to new places together, take up hobbies together, and create memories of the two of you together. You’ll grow on him, and he’ll begin to realize that he misses you when you’re not around. Try hanging out with his friends, and invite him to meet up with yours.  A common mistake women make is to exclude them and push other people away from your lives.  He could be looking for someone to fulfill his life, not exclude his friends from it.  How to take it to the next level may mean showing him this. 


Ask about introducing you to his family, while you also introduce him to your own family. It becomes very easy for your relationship if each of your families approve of the other person. That way, it becomes very hard for him to breakup with you since he will be aware of the fact that the two families are actually waiting for the relationship to end in marriage.


A reason why you may be stuck on how to take it to the next level is that you have allowed the relationship to appear to be all there is to desire. A man tends to become lax about making any commitment to you when you have made the relationship too enjoyable for him and spend too much time with him. He could come to the conclusion that there is really nothing better to be had by getting married, only more responsibilities. Words will not be sufficient in a case like this; you should speak to him with your actions. One way by which you can do this is to spend less time with your partner; let him miss you. Try to spend more time with your own family and friends to fill more of your free time. This will send the signal to your man that if he isn't ready to commit, you have other people that you can spend your time with. Hopefully, he'll get the clue.


It should be pointed out, however, that making him feel jealous is not the right way to make him commit to you. To the contrary, it is not how to take it to the next level and could wreck your relationship. Don't think that he will be more willing to commit if he starts seeing you with other guys. This could lead to the complete loss of confidence that he had in you.


Sensitivity to the amount of commitment he’s willing to make is important. Push him too much and he could end up resenting you. Does he have huge responsibilities going on at work? Or stress coming from other sources like family or friends. These things can be a factor when asking how to take it to the next level. He may need your support and not more added stress. Let him know your desire to move forward but make him feel comfortable in being himself and accepting him is key. In time he’ll respond to your desire to move forward.


When the conversation comes up that you want to take things to the next level, he may need time to think it through. Avoid putting too tight a time frame on his answers, men think inside themselves remember that.  




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