How to Get Close to Him

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Amy RosenthalWritten by: Amy Rosenthal


coupleSo how do you make an acquaintance into a good friend? How do you overcome that awkward barrier of just saying “Hi”, to becoming close to him and talking about deeper issues? Here is some advice on how to get close to him.



A friendly persona


The first step on how to get close to him is keeping a friendly persona. Keeping a great smile on and being friendly with eye contact makes a world of difference in luring him to you. Most importantly, it takes his guard down and invites him to want to know you better. It draws him to you like a warm cup of soup on a rainy cold day. Not having a smile or always being moody send out the message that


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you don’t want to be talked to, and is a lot more intimidating for a man to approach you.    



Keep the ball rolling after, “hi”


If you‘re not at the stage of talking at all you’ll need to learn to smile directly at him and say hi. It’s very true that they say that confidence is sexy. But if you’re at that stage of just “hi”, you’re next step in how to get close to him is by keeping the conversation rolling. Don’t wait for chance to happen, you need to make it happen. At first keep the conversation going with some small talk about his shirt, or shoes, something simple. You want to give him a chance to talk to you. Then when he talks back you can banter back and forth. Believe it or not, he might be more nervous to talk to you than you are to him. Try and catch him when he’s standing still, like in a line at the cafeteria, or at the coffee bar.   Pretty soon you’ll be comfortable talking about deeper things than just “hi”.




Finding opportunities to be close


Once again, don’t wait for your chance to come by, make you chance come by. The answer to how to get close to him is by making opportunities to be together. Take lunch breaks at the same time, park in the same area at work, sit at tables next to each other. Give a chance for something to happen.



Developing your acquaintances into friends


When the ball gets rolling enough you`ll find it comfortable to get his Facebook address, twitter, or if you`re bolder his number for texting. On twitter or Facebook, you want to be generally friendly and slightly chatty with people. Learn to be talkative; it opens doors for relationships to grow. Being silent puts out the message that you don`t want anything to do with people, and makes it harder for people to talk to you. Include him in your messages; this will give him the opportunity to open up to you and casually message you. If you see something funny on the street for example; a tree that looks like a face, take a picture of it and comment on it with you friends (including him). How to get close to him is by giving a chance for your conversations to develop.Learn how to use text to get close to him through text the romance back.


Find out his passions


In your small talk things will come up about his likes and dislikes, or you could bring them up. The key on how to get close to him is not just in the talk, but in steering the conversation to a place you want to go. Don't just talk about random stuff, you want to steer the conversation towards exciting topics. Things that you both find juicy to talk about. Like what you find adventurous, travel, food (all guys like food), things you love, great dates, his passions, target the ones you both share in common. Bringing those up in conversation will get him excited about you, and you’ll find it hard to stop talking.



Be a positive encourager


Always try to include positive feedback on comments he posts or talks about. For example if he says, “another Monday, I hate Mondays”. Respond with, “it’ll be ok, you’ll have a great day today, I can sense it”. People tend to flock to positive and encouraging words whether they are aware of it or not. If you’ve developed a reputation of being positive and encouraging; he’s going to want to talk to you more than other people, he’s going to want to hear from you. Then you’ll find he opens up to you more and this is how to get close to him.





At this stage of your relationship flirting is going to come easy for you because you both feel comfortable with each other. If not, continue to be an encourager to him and keep your conversations uplifting until you feel comfortable flirting a bit with him. The transition from an uplifting friend to a flirty/playful person isn’t as drastic as a normal friend to a flirty/playful person. This is because they both share the same notes of being playful and positive. People are drawn to charismatic people as well as people who can make them feel better. Remember, keep that smile on.



Being honest about your feelings


If you’re at the stage where you both like each other and you both know it, don’t be guarded about your feelings. Let him know exactly how you feel without coming off as desperate. There is something about being vulnerable that men can’t resist. Knowing that someone has feelings for them puts them on a natural high. Being cold and guarded does nothing or can even turn them off. You want to be honest and come off as vulnerable anyways, in order to filter out the keepers from the guys who just aren’t interested.



Keeping the magic


If you’re in a relationship with him, one of the mistakes that people sometimes make is that they tend to stop complimenting each other. Remind him of what you have together with compliments about him. This will naturally get him to open up about how he feels about you, which is great on how to get close to him. One of the reasons people fall in love is because of how they first feel about each other, and that they’re expressing those feelings. There’s a connection of feelings towards each other. Part of why people “fall out of love” is because the connection stops. Continue dating, don’t let the spark you once had fade away. Treat each other like when you first began dating. Put on the expensive perfume and the “go to" dress when you have a hot date.



Being adventurous


This doesn’t mean that you need to go bungee jumping together. But it is important to keep the relationship exciting by doing things that will spice it up. Going to different restaurants and eating new foods, hanging out with new friends, going to places in you city you haven’t been in a while. Keep things new and adventurous.


Hopefully these tips on how to get close to him will help you get the one you have your eye on.




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