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what men secretly wantMost women are usually desperate to change his mind when their man gives a hint of a breakup or divorce, especially when they put in view the efforts that they have sunk into the relationship just to ensure it works out. The truth is that often the efforts people have actually put in the relationship might not have been enough to save it. In some cases, certain signs would be visible when your man is contemplating leaving, even without him confronting you about it immediately. Well, here are some practical tips on how to change his mind when your man is proposing a breakup or divorce.



Stop the Threats 


After some women have been briefed about an impending breakup or divorce, they tend to lose it and decide to resort to threats. What you should know is that small threats will never be able to change his mind and avert the frightening thing that is on the


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horizon in front of you. At the same time, some other women prefer to try and make 

their partners feel guilty when they are told about the possibility of breakup, but that isn't good either. Threats and insults are not things to relish for men and will only worsen the matter. How to change his mind is by taking it slow and conducting yourself properly without losing it. If you can, try find a way by which you can both sit down to try and find out where things went wrong. For married people, court mandated mediation is available in certain states; try making use of it if it is in your state. If you are able to conduct yourself in a respectable and refined manner in spite of what appears to be ahead of you, your man may actually reconsider his decision to ensure he is not doing something wrong.




What Have You Stopped Doing? 


This is a question that you must ask yourself if you are really serious about how to change his mind. Sometimes, there is the tendency for some women to stop doing certain things that they had been doing before they got together with their man. For example, you might have stopped taking proper care of your look and hygiene after you both got together. It is even possible that he had indicated that to you sometime in the past and he only decide that a breakup or divorce would be better after you failed to turn a new leaf. If you have been guilty of such indiscretion, you will need to change your ways and become the lady he once loved so as to change his mind.



Bring back the spark 


He once loved you maybe he just needs a reminder of the good times you’ve had. He does have memories with you sharing life together; these can be a powerful tool in how to change his mind. Put on that little black dress, get dolled up, then take him out for dinner or something you both love doing. Try and avoid your recent negative issues your dealing with, tonight is about reminding him of what you've shared together. Your problem may seem less and less as you’re both reminded of what you’re fighting for.



Talk about counseling 


Both of you have put time, money, and effort in this relationship and neither of you want to see it end in vain. Not to mention that if you both start a new relationship there’s no guarantee that it won’t come across the same issues. Perhaps neither of you has the knowhow to make it work; it’s time to see a relationship counselor. If a counselor isn’t feasible, see someone with years of marriage advice. Reading books written by someone with years of relationship counseling experience can also be an alternative.



Avoid Desperation for Commitment


If you are not married to each other yet, this is something that you must pay special attention to. Your man may actually be considering a breakup because of your stance on lifetime commitment or marriage. When a lady pesters a man too frequently about the need to settle down, it could be taken by a man that doesn’t consider himself ready as a sign to backpedal from the relationship. If this has been your story so far, how to change his mind is by changing your standpoint on the topic of making a long term commitment. It's possible you're pressuring him too much, give him some space to think it through.



Have a Listening Ear 


How can a problem be fixed if you don’t know what it is? One common problem that couples face in a relation is the inability to listen fully without interrupting with criticism. Listening can save a relationship as it can give the people involved the idea that they are loved and respected by the other person. It isn't compulsory that you agree with your partner's argument; just try to listen first to understand what they are really getting at. Being gentle and graceful has a like reaction on the other person also.



Be Open Handed 


On how to change his mind an important and effective way to save any relationship is through giving; being openhanded. You should focus more on giving in a relationship instead of just receiving. Not just that, you also need to give without expecting anything back. Giving is not just about material things; you can give compliments, time, and attention. Imagine what it will be like when the two partners in a relationship have this mentality. Failing to be openhanded could lead to the untimely end of a romantic affair.



Be Tolerant 


Tolerance is a very good quality that everyone must strive for; whether in a romantic affair or otherwise. If you're wondering how to change his mind, this is a quality that you must work toward having. Actually, we all have our own differing, sometimes clashing, and different opinions on issues will likely happen. In order to make your relationship work, you must learn to tolerate your partner's view without letting it cause disagreement between you.



Avoid Being Critical and Be Respectful 


One sure way by which you could see the end of your relationship with your partner is subjecting them to regular criticism. It is particularly bad because your partner expects you to be their source of strength when it appears that the world is against them. But, if you turn out to add to the weight already on them, the relationship may no longer be worth it. You must learn to say good things about your partner and be encouraging if you wish to save your relationship. You can build confidence in each other by giving compliments and this will strengthen your relationship more. It is also important for you to be respectful to save your relationship as it ensures a perfect mood. Destructive confrontations should be avoided by all means possible so as to avert hurting each other's feelings.


In addition to all these, issues should always be resolved amicably and you must try as much as possible to spend more time with each other to save your relationship.




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