How to be a Girlfriend

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  Emile CurtoWritten by: Emile Curto

what men secretly wantWondering how to be a girlfriend to your partner? I suppose it's something that isn't really looked at carefully, something that people do instinctively. Here are some pointers on how to be a girlfriend just in case you've missed them.



Have a good outlook on life


We all love to have happy people around us since they have this attitude that makes people think less of their problems. Being a good girlfriend means that you should maintain a positive and happy outlook to life. When a couple gets together they not only share their assets but also their problems, this means any negative attitudes. No one wants to be held down by a negative attitude. Have a joke to share and laugh like you mean it when your man makes a joke that is apparently meant to make you laugh. This will make it more fun for you to be together, and will make him thing you're a great girlfriend.


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Be on good terms with his family and friends


You should be able to get along well with his family and his friends as this is part of being a good girlfriend. This is especially useful when you wish to see your relationship go all the way. You need to get close to his parents and get used to them, even if they are not the best of people you wish to know. And because you have started a relationship with your guy, do not attempt to keep away all his friends. These people have been there to support him before you came along, and you need to respect that. Besides, your man's family and friends might actually be useful in resolving issues when they arise in the relationship. More so, every guy loves a girl who can hang with the guys.




1 woman, 3 guysAllow him some space


How to be a girlfriend can sometimes mean not trying to prevent your guy from doing stuffs with his buddies. It is not a good thing at all to attempt preventing him from hanging out with friends, when he feels like, for fear they might go running after ladies. To a degree, community and other people are needed in any healthy relationship. Hoarding him to yourself can be unhealthy. If you are really serious about being a good girlfriend, it must be said that you should avoid nagging your man whenever it appears like you are not going to get things done your way. You will only push him away by doing that.



Supporting and encouraging his dreams


It’s one thing to hang out and have a good time together, but if you’re really looking to be a great couple you need to support each other in accomplishing goals and becoming better. This means your dreams and passions in life should be shared, talked about, and encouraged. Uplift him when he feels down or fails at something, and encourage each other when you’re scared. Being a girlfriend, and being a couple means more than just being together, it means becoming something together that you couldn’t be alone.



Accepting him for who he is


Are you trying to mold him into someone you’ve dreamed of your whole life? Or are you learning about his personality and accepting him for who he is by nature. There’s a difference between loving him for who he is and loving him for who you want him to become. Take the time to get to know him, and learn to love him. Find out what his needs are, what his fears are, and help him overcome them. Each person comes with different goals in life and qualities about them. Love is about learning those things that make them who they are and loving them, not changing them into something you want. 



Staying put


Yes, it is that simple. One of the things that being a good girlfriend requires is that you have to stay put with your man. This means that you should let your care and love be for him only; these should not be shared with other men. It is not a good idea at all for men to know that some other dudes out there are also competing for your love, and you are letting them. If this happens, some guys may be able to tell you point blank that they do not like the situation of things, while some others will just keep it to themselves. The latter group is more susceptible to being swayed away when some other ladies that appear more caring come along.




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