How Men Think

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Daniel JohnsonWritten by: Daniel Johnson 

woman wondering what men secretly wantIf you are really interested in knowing the

true nature of your man, it is essential that you know how men think. Some people have come to the conclusion that it is a hard task to truly know the psychology of men. The key isn't that it's hard, but that it's just different than the way you think.




Men are not that expressive 


How men think is less expressive than women. Men by their nature, usually find it hard to express their real emotions and thoughts. That is so much unlike women, who find it so easy to express their emotions to others. It is essential then that you try to put this into consideration when relating to your man. If he is not showing you the emotions you expect or saying those sweet words you would love to hear, it does not necessarily mean that he does not love you. Men are also more direct and simple when communicating. So he may expect you to understand him completely even when he's said very little.



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There must be a way by which he expresses his feelings and love for you; just try and find out how he does that. Different people express love in different ways. With some people it’s verbally, some people it’s through gifts. It can be done through touch, or through doing things for you. It can also be seen though spending time together. In his mind he may be communicating love through spending time with you. So if he’s not telling you, it doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t trying to express himself.

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Men like objective women 


Another thing about the way men think is that they like objectivity. They like their women to say whatever it is they have on their mind without beating around the bush. Most men are not really that patient in guessing what his woman wants, they expect communication to happen on their level. The reverse is also true. How men think is they expect women to understand that what they say is exactly that, with no hidden meanings or implications in the way he said it.




He doesn’t understand women 


Expecting him to automatically know how you feel can sometimes be unreasonable, he’s not as psychic as you think. You need to remember that they think and feel entirely differently from women. If there’s an issue you feel is important to talk about you’re going to need to talk with him.


Men don’t understand that emotional issues women go through can resurface. If he’s seen you through something that’s been bothering you, how men think is that it's been resolved and will never return.


He may not be picking up on your signals. You may be passing all the signs that you like him or want him to make a move. The problem is that in his mind women are usually flirty that’s just the way they are, so your signals may not be being picked up.




The point system Man on phone, on bed


He believes that there is a “point system” when it comes to building a relationship. For example; a fancy dinner would be worth 100 points, a back rub 20 points, giving you flowers is 5 points, etc. Women believe that it’s the little things that matter; they’re all worth relatively the same amount of points. Men don’t understand this.


He may believe that because on Tuesday he took you out for dinner, but then neglected you the rest of the week, he’s still doing well in the relationship. Explaining to him that the small things matter more to you than the one dinner can put your relationship on better grounds.




Expression through words 


Many men don't understand that women use words to express as well as to communicate. Men think that words are just for communication alone. They don't generally use them for the expression of feelings, or to vent. Men don’t understand that when women talk, it can also be for comfort, support, and intimacy.


So things she says like “there’s so much to do” will be spoken to express feelings of being overwhelmed. In his mind he believes “there’s so much to do” means there’s so much to do. He can mistakenly interpret it as an accusation against him that he’s being lazy.




Men love to be appreciated 


It is also needful to point out that men love to be appreciated just like you do. You need to make him feel that he is loved and valued. Do not hold back the compliment when he has done something good for himself or for you. Reward is something that men put great value on when they have done something important. The love that your guy has for you will only receive a boost when he has been made to realize that you are the appreciative type. If you are able to master doing this, you already have a good idea on how men think.




Do not pressurize him 


Furthermore, when trying to understand the way men think, you need to understand that men do not like to be put under pressure. You should not in any way try to force your decision on them. Men have this idea that they should be in charge all the time and when they feel that they are being pressurized to do something against their will, they tend to feel their authority is being challenged.


For example, when you try to force your man to buy you something or get married to you that could possibly spell the end of your relationship. It is particularly more so with the case of marriage, which is a life commitment. A man will only ask you to marry him when he feels he is ready for it, so do not push it. By now i hope you've gained insight on how men think.




woman wondering what men secretly want 




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