How do I Find the Right Man

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what men secretly wantHave a pattern of getting wrong guy? Curious why it is that all the losers are attracted to you? Wondering how do i find the right man?  Finding him can be broken down into a couple of areas. So go through this how do i find the right man questionaire to gain some insights into your situation.


Being firm in what you want. 


How do I find the right man if I don’t know what I want? Did your last love neglect you? Was he lazy? This time around in the dating world stand firm in what you want. Don’t compromise in what you’re looking for in a man. Make a list of the absolute musts that your future man needs to have. Many women date the same kind of guy only to have the same reoccurring problem in their relationships. This is due to two reasons. The first reason is because they are attracted to a certain type of person. The second is because they


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compromise. They usually meet someone who meets their first standard, have maybe a couple other great qualities about them. Then they find out that they also have some things about them that aren't great, so they sweep them under the rug. But in order to avoid relationship failure patterns, you need to stick to the list. The greater the importance on the list, the less of a compromise on the man. Stick to it.



Unreasonable expectations


Some women have unreasonable expectations. Maybe you’re attracted to the bad boy type for example, but you’d like it if he had a sweet and sensitive side. Truth of the matter is that if he’s the bad boy type, he’s most likely a bad boy, end of story. Expecting him to be something he’s not is like expecting a cat to play fetch with you.  Or maybe you meet someone who’s the whole package and you’re wondering why he’s single. I’m not saying you shouldn’t give it a shot, rather keep your eyes wider than usual, don’t just accept buy his answers without question.



Broad spectrum of men


In asking how do i find the right man, realizing the kinds of men there are helps. Some people keep ending up with the same kind of men because they hang out with the same kind of men. As a result they think those men are normal. For example, Tina always ends up dating men who end up spending more time with the guys than with her. Because she has a pattern of only dating this kind of guy, she believes it’s the norm. What she needs to realize is that there are men out there who are serious in spending quality time together and won’t treat her this way. In other words, she only bought apple pie because she didn’t know chocolate cake was on the menu. This can be a reason why relationship patterns keep repeating. Are you aware of the broad spectrum of men to choose from?



Going to the same place


Going to the same place to pick up men? Meeting them from the same group of friends? Now it’s not entirely true that if you meet a guy in a bar you’re going to end up with a man who's drinks alot. Or if you meet a guy in a club, they were just there to hook up. There is however a greatly increased chance it’s true. There are a lot of people in clubs looking for sex. Compare it to libraries, gyms, or classes for example. If you’re always ending up with the same Mr. Wrong it could be the place your meeting him in. Switch it up. Try finding someone through a different set of friends, and through different activities. Try going to the library and striking a conversation with someone reading a book you thought about reading.



Getting their attention the same way


Here's a how do i find the right man pointer.  Obviously if your clothes are a little too revealing you’re going to get a certain kind of guy. But the same can be said about some smaller things. Are certain tattoos showing? Is your hair a different color every month, make-up a unique color? Dress the same? Now it’s fair to say you can’t judge a person on these things alone, but people are going to. Certain types attract certain types.  You may unknowingly be fulfilling a certain fetish that a type of guy has. Want a sophisticated man? Try dressing up and being elegant. Going for the smart-type that can make you laugh? Wear a witty t-shirt instead of the normal. If there’s something visual that stands out about you and you’ve always ended with the same kind of guy, it’s time to switch up your look. 





Certain personalities attract certain personalities. Maybe you’ve always been the quite type. Learn to initiate the conversations, display your confidence. The girl that keeps to herself who’s seen as boring. Read up on a couple of jokes, tell them at the office. There are some things we should be proud of about ourselves. I’m not saying we should change our personalities, but who’s to say that no one should grow, improve, and live life to the fullest. There's a difference between changing your personality and learning new things.





Ending up with the same kind of Mr. Wrong could be a product of a couples behavior and reaction. In other words, you could be making him. Do you nag them so they end up distant from you? Does it always go wrong after a certain point in the relationship because neither party knows how to resolve fights correctly? Is it the same fight that occurs among men you’ve been with? No one’s trying to blame anyone here but a pattern could be occurring. Look out for patterns that reoccur in the relationships. Once a pattern is spotted find out how to successfully handle the situation before moving into the next relationship. 



Meeting the world


It’s possible that in many places in the world or at least in your part, most of the people are the same. You grew up in a small town; everyone acts the same, dressed the same, or most have the same careers. It’s time to find him someplace else. The great news is you don’t have to move. This can be done through the internet. You don’t have to pick someone on the other side of the world. Just someone relatively close by who’s not the same cookie cutted gingerbreadman as your ex.  




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