The Girl Gets Ring – Emile's Review  

Is it worth the buy? 

Emile CurtoWrittern by: Emile Curto

gold ringIf you are having a hard time dealing with your relationship or where you might be having a hard time fishing out in the ocean, well here is something that can be very helpful to you. It’s not enough to have girl friends who can give you advice; they are most likely in the same boat you are in understanding men. What would be best would be to learn what’s really inside a man’s mind.  

Girl gets Ring was made by 2 men; Jonathan Green and TW Jackson, experienced speakers, counselors, and authors on relationships and relationship books. These guys are very much willing to reveal the secret behind men about the way they actually think and feel.


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Does Girl get Ring Work?

So does the product really work? First off, it isn’t a magical lesson that involves manipulation men of any sort. It does however have insightful lessons and a lot of surprising truths about men and the way they think. However, if you understand and follow through with them can bring a huge difference in the way men respond to you.

Through Girl gets Ring you will learn how to take care of your relationship and be able to understand men easily. It highlights the differences in the way men and women act and think, as well as the common mistakes women make in relationships. You will learn a lot of things starting from singledom, which would be great for those of you without a lot of dating experience. 


The book expands on such topics as;2 hands, both have rings

·     Understanding how men think and why they behave the way they do.

·     The things you need to do before he will propose and be self-motivated in moving the relationship forward.

·     Why some guys do love their partners yet don’t want to marry them

·     Traps that men set up for themselves that unknowingly sabotage the relationship

·    The psychological obstacles men set for themselves which stop themselves, some men have more than others.

·     Why you as a woman may not be experiencing intimacy in a relationship

·     Is it him being distant, or is it accidently your fault?

·     The false teachings about men from TV and magazines just to get ratings, and what the truth is about men and relationships.

·     Why beauty doesn’t matter as much as you were taught it does.


The things I liked about this book; 

·         It’s honest from a guy’s perspective giving people the insight they want.

·         It’s easy to read, and has easy to follow instructions on your relationship steps.

·         Comes with audio and video presentations which make learning easier.

·         Risk free, 60-day money back guaranteed refund.

·         Covers a great range on relationships from; looking for the right guy, making contact with him, the beginning stages of dating, to the getting him to propose.


Is the book worth its value?

In terms of taking a relationship forward and learning insights about men, yes. The understanding it gives on men and the way they think is by itself worth the read.  If you find yourself torturing yourself with questions of; will he propose? When will he propose? What is he thinking? And does he really love me? This book answers it all and gives us the guy’s perspective. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to understand men, or just want to improve their relationship with them. 5 out of 5 stars is my rating.


Who’s behind Girl gets Ring 

Jonathan Green is one of the first authors of Girl gets Ring, he wrote about 'Girlfriend in a week' which is one of the world’s dating coaches for men too. He has worked with lots of men in the past to help them improve their lives through videos and books. He has shared most of his experiences with them as a man too so that they can find the life partner that they are dreaming of.

TW Jackson’s share is incomparable. He has taught in 70 different countries, and is the author of 'The Magic of Making up'. His firsthand experiences about break ups and dealing with relationships that are always on the rock helped him share and rebuild a lot of relationships. Now that he has been 16 years married to his wife, who would believe that he was once dealing with broken relationships just like most men these days.


Girl Gets Ring comes with;

  • The 144 page book Girl Gets Ring: How to go from ‘hello’ to ‘I do’ as fast as womanly possible EVEN If he’s a hard to land man.  
  • The Seven Biggest Mistakes Women Make with Online Dating Report.  
  • The Four Hero Masculine Avatar Principals: MP3 audio  
  • Long Distance Relationship Secrets: MP3 audio  
  • From Conflict to Compassionate Communication: MP3 audio  
  • The 60-Day money back guarantee 


Girl gets ring book


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